Moore: Wii U “out of sync with the future of EA”


From an “unprecedented partnership” to absolutely no partnership at all, Nintendo’s relationship with EA hasn’t proven particularly fruitful within recent years.

The reasoning for which being that Nintendo’s positioning of their Wii U is “out of sync with the future of EA” according to the publisher’s chief operating officer Peter Moore, meaning that they are unwilling to commit any additional resources to support the console.

“We were there with four games for them [at launch]. It’s been a disappointment when you look at sell-through and, as a company, we have to be very judicious where we deploy our resources,” Moore discussed with GamesIndustry International.

That isn’t what EA share most concern about though, seeing a “lack of online engagement” as an aspect that doesn’t marry up with their future direction.

Moore continues, “The lack of online engagement that we see on Wii U [is troubling]. It’s so integral to what we do. They’re so small it’s hardly worth running the servers. It seems like a box that’s out of sync with the future of EA – which is one that gives a real social feel to our games. The Wii U feels like an offline experience right now.”

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