Monster Hunter X launches in Japan on November 28th


Capcom have announced that Monster Hunter X will launch in Japan on November 28th, the Nintendo 3DS exclusive now positioned to help boost hardware sales throughout the Christmas period.

Pre-orders will open on August 1st, with Capcom to release two new weapon introduction videos every day from that week until August 7th. It was also revealed that Flying Wyvern Nargacuga will appear in the game, having been introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and later seen in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

There will be an original design New Nintendo 3DS XL bundle that includes a copy of the game for 26,000 yen, which is to be shared at a later date. Whereas Capcom are also working on two New Nintendo 3DS bundles with cover plates.

Japanese musician Daigo, who has apparently played the Monster Hunter series for more than 230 hours, will be used in the game’s marketing campaign in Japan. While it will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show, which will be held between Saturday 19th – Sunday 20th September.

Monster Hunter X will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 28th.

[Thanks Gematsu]
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