Monster Hunter Stories Swoops To Nintendo Switch

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Capcom has announced that the original Monster Hunter Stories will be released on Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

The turn-based role-playing game first came to Nintendo 3DS, and invites you to set out on a journey into a colourful world where mighty monsters roam and people make a living by hunting them.

Nestled within this land is a hidden village whose locals follow different customs. Monster Riders form bonds with Monsties instead of hunting them, forging bonds and harnessing the power of kinship stones. This allows them to explore the vast realm together – fighting together in thrilling battles, hatching the Monstie eggs you gather, and customising your companion to suit your style.

The publisher has outlined the game’s new features and enhancements, which include:

  • Refined Graphics: Originally released on the Nintendo 3DS, players can now experience riding Monsties in stunning detail on larger screens, enhanced with improved modelling, textures, and lighting in high definition.
  • Now Fully Voiced: Immerse yourself in the adventure with full Japanese and English voiceovers.
  • Additional Language Support: Monster Hunter Stories will have additional language support, newly featuring Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, and Arabic.
  • Museum mode: Delve deeper into the world of Monster Hunter Stories through the newly added Museum mode, featuring the game’s background music and developer sketches.
  • Included Title Updates (TU): Previously only available in Japan, players can now enjoy title updates, unlocking content from TU 1.20 and TU 1.30.

Monster Hunter Stories will be released digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Summer 2024.

Monster Hunter Stories – Nintendo Switch Trailer

Monster Hunter Stories – Nintendo Switch Screenshots

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