Monster Hunter Generations Trailer Attacks With Hunter Styles & Arts


Capcom has promised that Monster Hunter Generations will be the deepest and most customisable experience yet. As a first for the series, players can choose between Hunter Styles and equip unique special abilities referred to as Hunter Arts.

There are four different Hunter Styles, that each have their own unique movements and attacks that will encourage players to experiment in tandem with the game’s 14 weapon types. Whether that be mounting monsters with the Aerial Style or maximising Hunter Arts abilities with the Striker Style, players can hone their style of play to match their fighting prowess.

Hunter Arts on the other hand are spectacular special moves that can be activated when necessary, whether that be an offensive flurry, quickly leaping away from a looming enemy attack, or healing your hunter and party. Only a limited number can be equipped at once, but the right selection can turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Monster Hunter Generations will launch exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Europe and North America this summer.

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