Monster Hunter Generations Exceeds Expectation To Spur Capcom Profits


Monster Hunter Generations spurred Capcom’s financial performance over the past fiscal year, helping the third-party publisher to welcomingly report overall revenue and profit growth.

That saw the company earn 77 billion yen (£493 million) in revenue, which was a 19.8 percent increase compared to the past year. Net income grew 17.1 percent to 7.75 billion yen (£49.6 million), whereas operating income increased by 19.2 percent to 12.2 billion yen (£78 million).

But Capcom’s largest success came from their digital contents business, which earned 52.6 billion yen (£336.6 million) – up 15.9 percent in comparison to the year before. That growth was attributed to Monster Hunter Generations – or Monster Hunter X as it is known in Japan – which has sold more than 3 million copies since it launched last November.

Capcom has also been encouraged by user engagement with Tencent’s Monster Hunter Online which launched in China last December, and Monster Hunter Explore on iOS and Android – that has hit three million downloads across iOS and Android devices.

While the company will continue their efforts to crack the mobile space, it will also shift to a business model that priorities digital downloads over packaged products. That is in part “to mitigate inventory burden and reduce distribution costs,” with digital sales being far more profitable for the business. However, that decision means that physical copies will now only receive what Capcom describes as “limited sales runs.”

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