Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Video Offers A Retrospective Look Back

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Review Header

Monday had marked 15 years since Monster Hunter was first released on PlayStation 2 in Japan, and, to celebrate, Capcom has released a Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary memorial video.

This offers a retrospective look back at the long-running fantasy-themed action role-playing series which came to Wii with Monster Hunter Tri (2009) and Wii U as Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate (2012) and received successive games on Nintendo 3DS such as Monster Hunter 4 (2013), Monster Hunter Generations (2015), and Monster Hunter Stories (2016).

It was Monster Hunter World (2018) on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC that managed to propel it to at long last attract a large global audience, since going on to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide – with more than 70 percent sold outside of Japan.

The latest release was Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (2018) on Nintendo Switch, which lets you transfer save data from the Nintendo 3DS version or simply start a new adventure.

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