Monolith Soft Now Developing An “Ambitious” Medieval Fantasy Action RPG


With Xenoblade Chronicles 2 having received a rating from the Australian Classification Board, it appears that Monolith Soft is now preparing to move on to its next project.

The studio has started a recruitment drive for experienced developers to work on their new “ambitious” project, that looks to differentiate itself from what has come to be expected from the games that they have previously created.

With concept art teasing a medieval fantasy setting, the only other hints that we are left to glean are the job vacancies. These point to roles such as a project manager, character modeller, technical artist, programmer and battle planner that are expected to have previous experience in working on action games, as well as those that have an interest in medieval fantasy and the recent trends that it has had with the western audience.

There’s little more than that we know at this point, aside from the fact that the project is likely to be in the early stages.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Winter 2017.





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