Monolith now hiring for mystery Wii U project

Monolith Soft, well-known for the Baten Kaitos titles for GameCube and both Disaster: Day of Crisis and Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii, have updated their job vacancy listing today in seeking to expand their development team for a Wii U project.

Whilst their mystery project has been unveiled by the company previously, this is the first time that it has been associated with Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U platform. Monolith Soft is a subsidiary of Nintendo, but has also worked alongside Namco Bandai for a number of their projects. As such, their updated recruitment page doesn’t say as to whether their project is to be published by Nintendo or another publisher.

Positions that the developer is seeking to fill remain unchanged from last year when they were looking to expand, including roles such as programmers, planners, 3D CG artists, 2D designers, effect designers, motion designers and office staff.


[Thanks, Andriasang]
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