Molyneux: “I struggle to see anything amazing coming out of Nintendo”

peter molyneux

Renowned British games designer Peter Molyneux has continued to cast doubt on Nintendo’s Wii U, having previously called the console “lacklustre.”

He fails to see why consumers should purchase the Wii U, Nintendo unable to recreate the hype that the Wii achieved through the introduction of motion control and pack-in software Wii Sports.

“I struggle to see anything amazing coming out of Nintendo,” Molyneux scathingly stated during an interview with IGN.

“There are a few, ‘Oh, that’s smart,’ but there’s nothing that makes me rush out as a consumer to buy the new device. I’ll give you a great example of how tech should be used.

“It’s what Nintendo did with the Wii when it first came out. They introduced motion control. They were one of the first companies to introduce motion control and they had a fantastic Wii Sports game.”

“As soon as I picked up the controller and started waving it around, I got it. I already understood it. But I’m not sure there’s a same sort of application out there for Wii U. I think to myself, ‘Well, what’s the reason to get it?’ Do you see what I mean?”

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