Miyamoto: Nintendo’s Wii U software delay due to HD leap


Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that the company’s shift to high-definition has proved a more lengthy challenge than they had at first predicted.

That’s why, a year since the Wii U arrived at retail, shelves are yet to be filled with the superbly brilliant first-party titles that many expect from the Japanese giant.

“Any time you have a big jump in the hardware technology it certainly takes the teams time to learn that and adjust their development environment in order to adapt to those big changes,” Miaymoto discussed with GamesIndustry International.

Whilst hiring more development staff would be one solution to the problem, Miyamoto warned than “things aren’t quite that easy.”

He continued, “If you speak in terms of simple maths you could say that Nintendo should just multiply its development team staff by four times and then everything would be fine, but unfortunately things aren’t quite that easy.

“Our focus is always on delivering the highest quality content, and simply increasing the development team size isn’t going to allow you to achieve the level of quality that we strive for. You really have to kind of bring those people up gradually and help teach them how to develop games in order to achieve that consistent quality level.”

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