Miyamoto: Nintendo “continuing to experiment” with online services


Shigeru Miyamoto has responded to claims that Nintendo have been slow to establish an online service to compete with competitors, stating that the company is “continuing to experiment”.

“It’s true that for many years, Nintendo has been said to have been slow in online applications”, Miyamoto begins. “And I think that’s been said for 10 years or more – even before Microsoft entered into the video game industry.

“But the fact of the matter is that Nintendo has always been involved in the network business in one way or another. At least we have been continuing to experiment”.

Miyamoto continues to explain that Nintendo’s direction in regards to its online services were often the result of such choices being made from a business perspective, rather than responding to competitor efforts.

“The difference between Nintendo and other companies might be that Nintendo has always been trying to do something which makes sense from our business perspective, rather than trying to do something similar to other companies.

“So I cannot tell if we are behind or faster. But when I am looking at how we are deploying our online business, I think what we are doing today is appropriate.”

A rumour recently emerged that EA and Valve were pitching their respective Origin and Steam digital distribution platforms for the Wii U.

[Thanks Mercury News]

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