Minute Of Islands Release Date Postponed

Minute Of Islands Key Art

Mixtvision and Studio Fizbin have announced that the Minute of Islands release date has been postponed “due to some major technical issues that occurred during the last round of testing.”

“We can’t wait to see our game out in the wild, but we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy it in the best possible condition,” explains Studio Fizbin game director Anjin Anhut. “We hope players will soon be able to follow in our protagonist Mo’s footsteps across the vivid world of Minute of Islands and find out for themselves what makes the game so special.”

Mixtvision publishing director Benjamin Feld adds: “While we very much regret having to push Minute of Islands’ release date, we are convinced that the extra time invested is in the players’ best interest. We are looking forward to releasing a unique game that combines stunning art direction with emotional storytelling to a long-lasting experience.”

Set in a strange and beautiful archipelago polluted by dangerous spores, the only thing keeping the islands safe in this art and story-driven puzzle-platformer are mysterious antennas built when giants lived alongside people.

Those machines are now failing, and the only person that can repair them is engineer Mo and her versatile Omni-Switch.

In wanting to protect her family and friends, she sets out on a quest on which she will encounter a cast of curious creatures.

But, as she discovers the truth about the islands and the giants that live below the surface, Mo will learn that her focus and stoic ambition aren’t always the assets that she believes them to be.

The resulting journey will see players not only learn more about Mo and the islands, but promises an experience that will see you examine your own life and priorities.

Minute of Islands will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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