Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition Builds Toward An Adventure On May 11th


We knew that it was on the way, but Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will arrive far sooner than we thought.

Minecraft is a game all about placing blocks and setting out on adventures, with players exploring randomly-generated worlds and building whatever their imagination can conjure.

That becomes all the easier in Creative Mode where players have access to unlimited resources, with Survival Mode presenting a more distinct challenge in which you must fend off dangerous mobs by crafting weapons and armour.

With new multiplayer play and control options, Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will also be supported with the fan-favorite Super Mario Mash-Up pack. You can play together with up to eight players online, or four in local multiplayer – whether that be on the TV or in Tabletop mode, which supports split-screen and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will release on the Nintendo eShop in North America on May 11th and in Europe on May 12th, with a retail release planned for a later date.

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