Miiverse update introduces Filter Options


Nintendo spokesperson Marty has taken to the Miiverse Announcements community to share news of the latest update to the service.

“There are several new features,” he begins. “1) You can now filter for ‘Player posts’ in each community. Touch ‘Player posts’ at the top of the screen to see posts by people who’ve played the game.

“2) Posts and comments you’ve set as spoilers are now marked as spoilers.

“3) If you want to unfollow someone, there’s now a button in your follow list that lets you do this.

“4) You will no longer see posts and comments from blocked users. Posts from blocked users used to be visible in communities. From now on, they will not be displayed.”

“That’s it for the updates. Before I go, I’ve got a handy tip for you! If you have a lot to say but not enogh room in one post to say it all, try replying to your own post in the comments. That way you can continue your train of thought! That’s all from me. Bye for now!”

Such changes were met far more positively by the community compared to the previous update, yet some still called for the recently introduced five-minute posting delay to be removed.

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