Miitomo Prepares For Mario T-Shirt Summer Festival


Miitomo is preparing to bask in the summer sunshine, with Nintendo announcing plans to celebrate the season with the Mario character T-Shirt Summer Festival!

This will start on Friday 29th July, and rewards those with a linked Nintendo Account with the chance to obtain t-shirt items in the social app.

Nintendo break down the activities as follows:

1. Vote for your favourite T-shirt design in our poll!

The festival proper will start on the Friday 29th July, but before it starts our official Twitter account is holding a popularity vote on four T-shirt designs featuring Mario’s enemies which are making their appearance in Miitomo Drop! The winning item will be available for free through My Nintendo rewards to all Miitomo users! The enemy character T-shirts up for votes are:

1. Bowser T-Shirt


2. Goomba T-Shirt


3. Boo T-Shirt


4. Blooper T-Shirt


Voting period ends Monday 25th July at 2am UTC. The results of the poll will be revealed in a tweet. The winning item will be available as a My Nintendo reward from Friday 29th July at 2am UTC.

This was a global campaign, so the T-shirt you can get for free depends on the country setting of your Nintendo Account, as results may differ by region.

@Miitomo_JP winning T-shirt:
Country setting: Japan

@NintendoAmerica winning T-shirt
Country setting: United States, Canada, Mexico

@NintendoEurope winning T-shirt
Country setting: Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom

2. Free T-shirt available through My Nintendo rewards!

Users with a Nintendo Account linked to Miitomo can get a Super Mario All-Stars T-Shirt featuring an array of familiar characters for 0 Platinum Points!
Don’t miss out! Available from Friday 29th July at 2am UTC until Thursday 18th August at 7am UTC.


3. New T-Shirts Available as My Nintendo Rewards

Platinum Points can now be redeemed for a Super Star T-Shirt, Super Mushroom T-Shirt and Fire Flower T-Shirt! Face the summer feeling powered up and at the top of your game!

Available from Friad 29th July at 2am UTC until Thursday 18th August at 7am UTC.



4. New T-Shirts up for grabs in Miitomo Drop!

A new line-up of Miitomo original T-shirts featuring some familiar characters have been added to new Miitomo Drop stages! See if you can collect your favourites!

Available from Friad 29th July at 2am UTC until Thursday 18th July at 2.59pm UTC.


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