Mighty Gunvolt Burst Update Version 1.4 Adds Gal*Gun’s Tenzou As A Playable Character

Tenzou Mighty Gunvolt Burst Artwork

Inti Creates has released a new software update for Mighty Gunvolt Burst, introducing Gal*Gun protagonist Tenzou as a brand new playable DLC Character.

The character, who was once a normal student at Sakurazaki Academy until he became caught up in the Super Popular Legend, is joined by his angel companion, Patako.

He is armed with the Blaster Goggles that fire powerful beams of light known as the Pheromone Shot, while Patako and Ekoro help him traverse this virtual world with their Doki Doki Mode and Angelic Guidance abilities.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst Update Version 1.4 Patch Notes

  • DLC Character Tenzou has been added.
  • Usable save slots have been increased to 40.
  • For the various effects and actions affected by the current Burst Combo, they will now change according to the following:
    • Lv. 1: 0
    • Lv. 2: 1-4
    • Lv. 3: 5-9
    • Lv. 4: 10-19
    • Lv. 5: 20-29
    • Lv. 6: 30+
  • The power of Gunvolt’s Voltaic Chains ability has been increased.
  • The power of the charge attack on Copen’s Brave Horn EX Weapon has been increased.
  • RAY and Copen are now able to acquire the following rare item (treasure):
    • P-PS MIAPLACIDUS (Module which allows the use of Stationary Firing)
  • The following issues have been fixed:
    • In some cases, destroying enemy bullets would incorrectly score points.
    • An incorrect edit item was present under Beck’s MINE bullet type.
    • Various other issues have been fixed to improve game experience.

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