Mighty Gunvolt Burst Explores A Virtual World On Nintendo Switch


Inti Creates has announced Mighty Gunvolt Burst, a sequel to their bite-size 2D action game Mighty Gunvolt.

With the game systems “completely revamped and powered up,” deep character customisation promises to let you mould and shape your character into what works best for you.

Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 and Beck from Mighty No. 9 return as playable characters, with an improved take on classic pixel style graphics that look “to blur the line between 8-bit and 16-bit.”

Players will be able to trigger a Burst by finishing their enemies up close and personal, seeing them explode in a more grandiose way and earn you more points. Bosses can also be defeated this way, and chaining Bursts can start a Burst Combo that will provide a considerable boost to your score.

Pixel Stickers will act as collectables on your adventure, while, using Cost Points on an ability called Dowsing, HD Rumble will react to suspicious walls and terrain that can be destroyed to uncover hidden items.

“We really enjoyed creating the original Mighty Gunvolt back in 2014, and with our duties with the Mighty No. 9 project being long over at this point, we began to miss working with these characters that we love, and wanted to share Beck and his mighty siblings with the world once again,” Inti Creates explain, in discussing how the sequel came to be.

“Comcept gave us the OK to use the rights to these characters however we see fit (and free of charge too), and from there, we set out to bring them back to the stage in the best way we know how: 100% pure Inti Creates 2D side-scrolling action with excellent pixel art!”

Mighty Gunvolt Burst will release on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS on June 15th, priced at $9.99.

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