Metroid: The Sky Calls live action short takes aim


Rainfall Films has revealed Metroid: The Sky Calls, a non-profit live action short set in Nintendo’s Metroid universe.

Voted as the next adaptation in the studio’s Fantasy Filmmaking project, director Sam Balcomb and producers Jesse Soff and Jeff Dodson have painstakingly worked to transition the sci-fi property into a short film presentation.

We rejoin intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran, as she investigates strange signals believed to have been sent by the ancient Chozo race.

The result is remarkably breathtaking, styled around the films that had once inspired Nintendo’s revered series. Those techniques reportedly include VHS transfers and use of custom scanned 16mm film stock, which in turn allowed the team to provide the short with a distinctive retro look.

Jessica Chobot plays the live action role, with America Young being hired for motion capture and stuntwork – their efforts coming together to help bring Samus Aran to life. Jeff Dodson’s original score builds on everything beautifully – itself paying tribute to Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner.

Rainfall have established themselves over the years for their talents in interpreting established franchises, and you may remember The Legend of Zelda movie trailer that they created with IGN for April Fool’s way back in 2008. You can catch the twelve-minute live action short in entirety below. Enjoy!

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