Metroid co-creator wants to make games that “move the industry forward”


Legendary Nintendo designer Yoshio Sakamoto has signalled his desire to create games that “move the industry forward”.

If he returned to past series that he worked on, he would look to satisfy existing fans but produce something “that’s completely different and that brings new emotions”, something that is clearly evident within his most recent project, Tomodachi Life.

“I do not intend to do so. There might [currently] be various tasks I might be involved in with past series. However, even if so I would always like to introduce new entertainment and new fun to those series”, Sakamoto discussed with CVG.

He continued, “I would like to satisfy fans of those series, but also working with other talented individuals I would like to create entertainment that’s completely different and that brings new emotions. I would like to challenge myself in those unique directions.

“This might be indirect, but if we can make new types of gamers enjoy video games for the first time through Tomodachi Life, then they might eventually become interested in the more conventional games. I think we need to ensure that video games remain attractive to consumers, and in order to do so new concepts and ideas are important. I would like to challenge myself to do that.

“I am told by many people that I have developed many different types of games over my career, but I think this is solely because I was able to partner with many different people with many different talents. Although the types of games are different, what I think is the same for each development is the process of deciding which kinds of emotions we should bring to players.

“When we think in that manner, many approaches of game development are actually the same over different types of games. I think in the end what is most important is hospitality towards consumers. When we develop games we always think, ‘what do we have to do to make players happy or satisfied?'”

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