Meloetta now being distributed at participating GAME stores


Pokéfans can now get their hands on Mythical Pokémon Meloetta, currently being distributed through participating GAME stores across the country.

Available until April 19th, all those that own Pokémon Black, Pokémon White, Pokémon Black 2 and/or Pokémon White 2 can receive it.

Popping into a participating store will see you able to receive Meloetta at Level 50 in its Aria Forme, with access to ‘Close Combat,’ ‘Teeter Dance,’ ‘Psychic,’ and ‘Round’ moves.

In order to receive Meloetta, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:
* A Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DS system
* A copy of the Pokémon Black 2, Pokémon White 2, Pokémon Black, or Pokémon White game
* The Pokédex within the game
* No more than 11 Wonder Cards in their possession

Alongside this, Pokédex 3D Pro is also available at a discount until April 4th, now at £10.79 (normally £13.49).

Those that own the Nintendo 3DS application will soon be able to add the Mythical Pokémon once a special password is revealed through the website.

You can catch Meloetta in action below:

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