Megaton Musashi Promises Explosive Robotic Action


After their success with Yo-kai Watch and preparations for The Snack World, LEVEL-5 has announced Megaton Musashi as their fifth cross-media project.

The concept is described as “the combination of classic robot stories and school mysteries,” and while battles will lend explosive action while a “thrilling suspense-drama” will revolve around the school that the protagonists attend.

While LEVEL-5’s previous cross-media titles have shared the same or similar story across different media platforms, each platform chosen for Megaton Musashi will share their own point of view. Therefore, while there is a single story, audiences can either enjoy an individual narrative on its own or delve deeper into the whole story across every platform.

While Bandai has been chosen as Megaton Musashi’s master toy partner in Japan, LEVEL-5’s rollout plan outside of Japan is undetermined.

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