Mega Lucario stage returns to Pokémon Shuffle with a twist


The Pokémon Company International have announced that the Mega Lucario stage has returned to Pokémon Shuffle, after it first became available in March.

Rather than see you aim to achieve the best score within one minute, this time around players are can only perform a limited number of moves. The stage will be available until 5am UTC on May 25th, with players being ranked on the score that they achieve. Multiple attempts are accepted, although will require a Heart as with any other stage.

The results will be announced at 6am on May 25th, with the those that place in the top 30,000 to be rewarded with a Lucarionite, whereas those that don’t will receive one Jewel. Those that earn a high enough ranking but have previously received a Lucarionite will receive two Jewels instead.

Mega Lucario is particularly powerful, making a match seeing up to five rows above and below removed from the Puzzle Area.

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