MathLand Delivers An Educational Adventure On Nintendo Switch This Week

MathLand Logo

Artax Games has announced that MathLand will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

This is an educational game that has been created for children, that looks to help them improve their mathematical level in addition, subtraction and multiplication.

After Max, an evil pirate, steals the sacred gems and curses the islands, they become filled with obstacles and traps. You must help Ray recover the gems to restore the natural order, sailing your ship through the seas to reach them.

There are more than 25 levels to complete and obstacles – such as quicksand, bewitched parrots, magic doors and funny carnivorous plants – to overcome.

The game’s educational content aimed at different age groups is below:

For children aged 5-6

  • Learning to add and subtract with very small numbers and amounts (1 to 10).
  • Sorting numbers from higher to lower (1 to 10) and vice versa
  • Reinforcing mental arithmetic with already learned additions and subtractions.

For children aged 7-8

  • Learning to add and subtract with larger numbers and amounts (1 to 20).
  • Getting started on learning multiplication tables.
  • Sorting numbers from higher to lower (1 to 50) and vice versa
  • Developing mental arithmetic with educational games based on addition, subtraction, and multiplication tables.

For children aged 9+ and adults

  • More complex additions and subtractions, teaching mental association of numbers with different arithmetic strategies (adding and subtracting).
  • Reinforcing the learning of all multiplication tables.
  • Developing advanced mental arithmetic.

MathLand will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 24th February 2020 priced at £5.49 ($5.99).

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