Masuda not keen on making free-to-play Pokémon game

Nintendo are currently developing Steel Diver, and open to considering Animal Crossing, as a free-to-play release, Pokémon won’t see such treatment. At least whilst Junichi Masuda is in charge.

“One thing I always say about the Pokemon games is that you want to make it something you can give to a kid – of course adults also play it too – and they have a complete experience,” Game Freak’s director revealed to Pocket Gamer

“Personally, I could easily put the game into a 2DS when it comes out and give it to a kid and leave them to play. I wouldn’t want to give a kid my iPhone and do the same.”

That’s ok with me, I think there’s enough content within Pokémon X & Y to keep me occupied for a while…!

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