Masters Of Anima Update Version 1.0.1 Adds New Difficulty Options

Masters Of Anima Review Header

Passtech Games has released a new software update for Masters of Anima, their adventure-strategy game that lets you command as many as 100 Guardians.

This update will let you change the game’s difficulty to your liking, whether that be Apprentice, Shaper or Master. The higher the difficulty, the fewer time you will have to defeat your enemies before their Primal Rage starts and you will retrieve less Anima when your Guardians are destroyed.

We enjoyed our time with the game, concluding in our Masters of Anima review: “There really isn’t anything quite like Masters of Anima on the Nintendo eShop at the moment, or, for that matter, on Nintendo Switch.

“The developer may have too much enthusiasm for throwing you into combat and could have done with exploring ways to lend a change of pace – that more often than not comes in the puzzles that momentarily boggle your mind. But, when you have a steadfast legion of Guardians at your command, it’s hard not to marvel at the thrill of it all in the thick of battle, and how the many systems that are at play are masterfully woven together.”

Masters of Anima is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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