Masahiro Sakurai still suffering from tenosynovitis symptoms

Within his fortnightly column in Weekly Famitsu, Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that he is still partly suffering from calcific tendinitis in his right shoulder – which we first learned about two years ago.

Kotaku reports that while his condition has seen improvement, Sakurai hasn’t fully recovered mentioning that “the symptoms of tenosynovitis still remain.”

That means that he has been unable to enjoy recent releases such as Dragon Quest Heroes and Yazukza 0, as repeated button mashing means that he is unable to play for lengthy periods.

“I still have trouble with my shoulder and the symptoms of tenosynovitis still remain, so I’m forced to use a special mouse that clicks by inclining for work.” Sakurai writes. “If I was to button mash, my arm would give out in 10 minutes.”

He had previously found a solution by using a PlayStation 3 turbo controller, although the lack of such controller for PlayStation 4 put an end to that. Although, ever resourceful, Sakurai discovered a converter that would allow him to use his old controller on Sony’s new console. Dedication.

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