Mario Unloads His Blaster In New Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Character Vignette


Mario will soon team up with the Rabbids to save the Mushroom Kingdom, and, in a new Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle character vignette, Ubisoft has shown what the moustachioed plumber brings to the team.

That showcases his Blaster weapon, the Hammers that he can use in melee combat, his overwatch ability that lets him react to enemy Rabbids scurrying about in an enemy’s turn, his supportive skill that lets him boost his teammates, and even a quick peek at his Skill Tree.

Mario can be seen as a great all-rounder, assuming his role as a mid-to-close range fighter with excellent mobility and offensive talents that make him a natural choice to lead the charge in battle.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on August 29th.

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