Mario Tennis Aces Shot Types: Learn How To Perform A Drop Shot, Topspin, Slice, Lob And More

Mario Tennis Aces Shot Types Screenshot

You will want to learn more about the different Mario Tennis Aces shot types if you are to succeed against other players around the world in Online Tournament mode.

The opening Bask Ruins and Temple of Bask levels in Adventure mode will run you through the basics, Dry Bones teaching you about the rules and how to serve the ball. He then moves on to the importance of aiming your return shots, as well as how to perform Powerful Shots and Charge Shots.

I wouldn’t say that Dry Bones is a bad teacher, but his introduction to the world of Mario Tennis Aces will still leave newcomers, and perhaps returning tennis veterans, with many questions about the shot types that you can use in the matches that you compete in.

That’s where we come in to, hopefully, help, in breaking down all the information that Nintendo has provided about how to perform all the basic shots in the Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Mario Tennis Aces Shot Types

Serve (A Button):
A rally starts when the server hits the ball into the opponent’s side of the court.

Topspin (A Button):
A faster shot that bounce higher.

Slice (B Button):
A slower shot that doesn’t bounce as much. It curves to the side a lot.

Flat (Y Button):
A shot that is faster than the topspin or slice.

Lob (Left Stick up and X Button):
A shot that goes far into the court to get the ball over your
opponent’s head.

Drop Shot (Left Stick down and X Button):
A shot that falls near the net, aimed to fall at the front of the court.

Star Shot (Y Button when on a star point):
A powerful shot that lets you slam a ball that went up easily. Hit it when you’re standing on a star point.

Star Point:
A star-shaped mark that appears on the court. Stand on it to hit Zone Shots or smashes. The star point will rotate when you have enough energy for a Zone Shot.

Shot Aiming:
The ball will go left or right when you press the Left Stick left or right while hitting a shot.

Charge Shot:
Press a shot button before a ball arrives and you’ll charge up power. The longer you charge, the stronger your shot will be. You can also do this with Powerful Shots.

Cancel Charge (L Button, + Button or – Button):
Your movement will slow down while a Charge Shot is charging. If it seems you won’t be able to reach the ball, you can cancel the charge.

Powerful Shot:
Press a shot button twice and it will be a bit stronger, but the ball will fall closer to the center of the court. You can also do this with Charge Shots.

Leap Shot: When playing with Simple rules (where energy is not used), you can leap for faraway balls with the R Button. Note that this will cause you to lose form and that the shot you hit will be weaker.

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