Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Update Version 1.9 Now Available

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Update Screenshot

Ubisoft has released a new software update for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, continuing to tinker with the turn-based tactical role-playing game to make improvements.

This now allows direct access to Challenges from the Time Machine Rabbolatory in Peach’s Castle once you have completed a world and has made some UI improvements in reworking the pop-up screens that appear when you unlock new heroes – as well as implementing bug fixes and stability improvements.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Update Version 1.9.589692 Patch Notes

  • Direct Access To Challenges
    • Completing a world now automatically unlocks all the Challenges of this world. Newly unlocked challenges can be accessed directly from the Time Machine Rabbolatory in Peach’s Castle. Of course, players are still encouraged to go back to the world through the World Cannon to collect chests, find secret areas and encounter Challenges while they’re exploring.
  • UI Improvements
    • Reworked Heroes presentation: We reworked the pop-up screens for unlocking new heroes. This will help players quickly understand the specifics of the newly unlocked hero and what they can bring to the team.
  • Various Bug fixes and stability improvements
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