Mario Party 9 dated for Europe

mario party 9 10

Mario Party 9 is set to launch across Europe on March 2nd, Nintendo have today announced.

The anticipated return of the board-game franchise introduces all-new game modes and boss battles, promising to be the best entry in the series yet.

Bowser and his buddies have stolen all the Mini Stars in the sky, and it’s down to you to win them all back in order to create the Super Star.

You’ll be able to enjoy 80 brand new mini-games within ‘Free Play’ or ‘Party Adventure’ mode, the latter allowing four players to navigate across a board in one vehicle – taking it in turns to be Captain by hitting Dice Blocks to move it forwards. Strategy is involved, however, and you must choose the best routes for yourself whilst trying to place your opponents into tricker spots for their turns.

The new Boss Battle mini-game sees all four players co-operate to tackle a series of classic Mario boss characters, leading to a final showdown with his ultimate nemesis, Bowser. Whilst still a team game, you receive Mini Stars based on your performance so ensure that you get stuck in!

Extras mode also offers the likes of Goomba Bowling and puzzle-based Castle Clearout.

Mario Party 9 will release exclusively for Wii across Europe on March 2nd.

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