Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. prepares for July release


Nintendo’s iconic Italian plumber duo will team up once again, as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. is slated for release across Europe on July 12th.

The fourth instalment within the popular role-playing series sees Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi invited on a sightseeing tour around Pi’illo Island by proprietor Dr. Snoozemore. Predictably, everything turns sour when ghostly bat king Antasma appears to kidnap Peach, pulling her into a Dream World.

Mario must chase down this new foe, exploring the Dream World through the extravagant dreams of his brother whose brain is revealed to be on the same wavelength as that of Pi’illo Island’s population.

Trademark Bros. Moves are enhanced in new Luiginary Attacks, whereas Luiginary Works grant the player the opportunity to interact with the Dream World environment through Luigi’s sleeping form. Tweaking his moustache or scratching his nose can have influences on the Dream World to benefit Mario’s exploration.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. will release exclusively on Nintendo 3DS across Europe on July 12th.

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