Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel screeches in


With Mario Kart 8 now positioned for a May 30th release across Europe and North America, peripheral manufacturers have begun to fill the starting grid behind it.

A new racing wheel emblazoned with artwork drawn for the Wii U exclusive is the latest from PowerA, officially licensed by Nintendo themselves. Working much in the same was as that bundled with Mario Kart Wii, it sees players insert their Wii Remote Plus to help replicate an often missed arcade experience.

It’s available to pre-order from specialist retailer GAME, priced at £9.99, and will see release a week ahead of Mario Kart 8.

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  1. I really thought the Gamepad would be perfect as a racing wheel. Built in rear view mirror. I am surprised that they are pushing a wheel for the Wiimote+ versus centering all attention on the Gamepad as the ultimate experience. Nintendo really needs to showcase the unique abilities of the Gamepad.

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