Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition and pre-order bonuses speed in


Nintendo have today announced plans for a Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition, which will be available alongside the game’s May 30th launch.

Such version will include Spiny Shell Collector’s Item, which fans may know as the Blue Shell, on a black and transparent frame. This will, as can be expected, be accompanied by a physical copy of the Wii U exclusive.

Further bonuses are also on the cards, with those placing their pre-order at Littlewoods and Very receiving a Golden Dash Mushroom keyring, other independent retailers will offer Bullet Bill keyring, and GAME are offering a Wii U Super Mario Kart Racing Wheel.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo UK Online store will be contributing their own deal to allure you, with the Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Spiny Shell bundle, a Bullet Bill T-Shirt and the Red Shell keyring.

You can see the Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition roar into view within the CGI trailer below!

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