Mario Kart 8 launch sales outpace Mario Kart 7 in North America


Nintendo were already celebrating success after Mario Kart 8 achieved 1.2 million sales worldwide over the Wii U exclusive’s launch weekend.

We now have a larger idea of how the North American market contributed to this, with Nintendo of America detailing in an analyst meeting that more than 450,000 units were sold over the three days. That enjoyed an attach rate of 18 percent, and helped boost Wii U hardware by over 400 percent.

That’s put in context when compared to Mario Kart 7, which released at a time when the handheld was facing similarly dire circumstances. The 3DS exclusive achieved over 250,000 sale in three days, had an attach rate at 7 percent, and increased hardware sales by 240 percent.

[Thanks David Gibson]

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