Mario And Rafael Nadal Go Head-To-Head In New Mario Tennis Aces Trailer

Rafael Nadal Mario Tennis Aces Screenshot

Nintendo has released a new Mario Tennis Aces trailer in which their moustachioed mascot and Rafael Nadal go head-to-head in a battle of the aces.

With the match point up for grabs, Mario uses a Special Shot in an effort to even the score to Deuce. But, believing that the shot was out, they ask the umpire to make a tough, match-winning call.

The trailer has looked to showcase the Swing Mode, that lets you use a single Joy-Con controller as a tennis racket with motion controls to play a variety of different shots across the court.

You can also choose to contest a decision with the new Challenge feature, which is exclusive to Swing Mode and will let you see a replay of your shot to see if it was in or out.

Mario Tennis Aces will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 22nd.

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