Luigi’s Mansion 2 plush toys launch in Japan


Whilst they already appear to have sold out at Japanese importers, Nintendo have teamed up with Sanei to produce Luigi’s Mansion 2 plush toys that saw release in Japan last December.

That partnership is a longstanding one with the company having made Super Mario, Professor Layton, and Kirby plushies over the years, although this latest trio have easily become firm favourites.

Still available from a Hong Kong-based seller on eBay, those that enjoyed the haunted escapades that the 3DS exclusive possessed last year can choose between Luigi, scared Luigi, and the mischievous Ghost Pup, each being fairly accurate representations of their source inspiration – Poltergust 5000 included!

These are priced between £17.99 – £22.99, with delivery from the eBay seller taking two to three weeks.

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