Lost In Random Coming To Nintendo Switch In 2021

Lost In Random Logo

Electronic Arts and Zoink have revealed that Lost In Random is in development for Nintendo Switch.

This gothic fairytale action-adventure will be released under the EA Originals label, and carries “a very modern message.”

Set in a twisted dystopia where uncertainty and chaos are feared, the game follows Even, a courageous young girl, and her living dice companion, Dicey.

Together, the two embark on a perilous journey where they must learn to embrace the unknown and play the hand they’ve been dealt, in a bid to break the curse of Random.

“Everyone can relate to feeling helpless about juggling all the randomness and chaos that occurs in their life,” explains Zoink CEO and game director Klaus Lyngeled

“With Lost in Random, we hope to transport our players to an alternate world where they can find power in that randomness.”

Lost In Random will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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