Lola Pop And Misango Collide In Next ARMS Party Crash Event


Nintendo has announced that Lola Pop and Misango will be the featured fighters in the next ARMS Party Crash event.

For those that haven’t participated in a Party Crash before, players from all over the world pick either of the two selected fighters and duke it out in online battles – winning points and raising their Lab Level in the process.

Then, once the event ends, all players are rewarded with in-game currency and badges based on the level that they have reached. Bonus ARMS can be equipped to increase the points you earn, while there are Bonus Periods that will add twists on familiar match types as a chance for you to earn extra points.

The time-limited online Party Crash event will start at 9am GMT on Friday 19th January, and end at 9am GMT on Monday 22nd January 2018.

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