Little Friends: Dogs And Cats Preview – Bonding With Furry Virtual Pets

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The Nintendo Switch is in need of a furry friend, and the folks at Imagineer are here to satisfy that desire. In just a few short weeks, the Nintendo Switch will welcome home some new furry critters as Little Friends: Dogs and Cats sees release on Nintendo’s hybrid system. Comparable to Nintendo’s own Nintendogs series, Little Friends: Dogs and Cats is an adorable video game release that brings the delight of pet ownership to the Nintendo Switch as you play, train, and bond with your furry bundle of joy.

We recently got to play a demo of Little Friends: Dogs and Cats at PAX East, which opened by challenging us to select whether we wanted a dog or a cat. Braving this difficult decision, we selected the dog and then got to select the breed of our choosing.

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The full game will feature six breeds of dog to select from and three breeds of cat. The dog breed options are Toy Poodle, Shiba, Chihuahua, French Bulldog, Labrador Retriever, and German Shepherd; meanwhile, the cat breed choices will be Japanese Cat, American Shorthair, and Scottish Fold.

We chose a male German Shepard and named him Smokey. After selecting and meeting our new puppy, the game transitioned to a house setting and we watched Smokey explore the room and become familiar with his new home.

After watching Smokey explore and become comfortable with his surroundings, we found the opportunity to call him over so that we could begin to bond with him by petting him and giving his coat a nice brushing. Using the Switch’s touch-screen, we were able to pet Smokey and get to know him and his distinct personality.

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As we pet Smokey, we learned that he greatly enjoyed having his neck rubbed and being brushed along his sides. By petting your animal companion, you will form a bond with them and have their friendliness level increase. Increasing their friendliness will unlock new opportunities; however, the demo we played didn’t allow us to explore these new options.

All pets deserve happiness and the dogs and cats in Little Friends are no different. Following a fun-filled pet and brushing, we explored the game’s pet clothing and accessory options. Though the demo was limited in options, we were able to give our German Shepard a pair of stylish sunglasses. The full game will feature more than 600 accessories, so you can make your pet look as stylish, cute, or silly as you’d like.

Visually speaking, Little Friends: Dogs and Cats is a pleasant looking title, as we got to see Smokey’s personality radiate from his facial expressions. The fur of the dogs and cats looks soft and warm.

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Our time with Little Friends: Dogs and Cats was a brief and limited look at what the game will offer. While our demo was restricted to feeding, petting, brushing, and accessorizing our fur friend, the full game will be much more robust. Players will be able to take their pets on walks, buy toys, discover which type of toy their pet prefers, compete in flying disc tournaments, and much more.

Though our time with the game was limited, we did get to see how personable the animals can be. Smokey – a playful little scamp, immediately won our hearts. Being able to bond and see your relationship grow with your pet in Little Friends: Dogs and Cats will be one of the game’s redeeming qualities.

Little Friends: Dogs and Cats will exclusively for Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America on May 28th.

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