Link Mode detailed for LEVEL-5’s Fantasy Life


You won’t be experiencing LEVEL-5’s Fantasy Life alone, with the Nintendo 3DS exclusive’s local and online features having now been detailed.

The vast open world of Reveria awaits you and the Link Mode, an online communication tool activated by the visiting the Guild Office in the town of Castele, will allow you to connect with any friends playing Fantasy Life at the same time. You can exchange messages and gameplay tips, with a notification setting communicating your achievements and allowing you to “Applaud” those accomplished by others.

Co-operative play is also available either loaclly or online, allowing you to partner with two friends to hunt, forage or trade. This will help you earn experience and items that will help you in your adventure. This is all supported by StreetPass functionality with those that you pass appearing in-game as citizens of Reveria, who may present you with new items. An unlockable Snapshots function will also allow you to capture in-game screenshots by pressing the Start button, for you to share your favourite moments with friends.

Fantasy Life will release exclusively for 3DS and 2DS in Europe on September 26th.

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