Light and Dark elements introduced to Skylanders Trap Team

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Light and Dark elements will shortly be introduced the world of Skylands, Activision have revealed today – special Skylanders Trap Team expansion packs arriving at retail from this weekend.

That heralds the arrival of two new Trap Masters, Knight Mare and Knight Light, wield a Traptanium Lance and Blade respectively. Each are included within the separate Light and Dark Element Expansion Packs, a special Trap that can capture either Light or Dark villains, and a location piece that unlocks a special level.

New villains are awaiting capture, such as the Doom Raiders’ Luminous and Nightshade, while players can learn mroe of the backstory behind the Skylanders universe – when Knight Mare and Knight Light were protectors of Skylands before being sealed in other realms.

These will firstly be available at Toys R Us across North America on Sunday 21st December, before arriving at other retailers.

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