Life Simulation RPG Harvestella Coming To Nintendo Switch

Harvestella Logo

Square Enix has announced that Harvestella will release on Nintendo Switch in the coming months, news that was shared in last week’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase.

With concept art by Isamu Kamikokuryo (Final Fantasy XII) and music from Go Shiina (Tales series), this new life simulation RPG will offer the chance to explore “a beautiful world that changes with the flow of the seasons” while tending to crops, befriending townspeople and descending into challenging dungeons.

The game is set in a world where four giant crystals called Seaslight create a stable change between the four seasons. After abnormalities in the crystals start to appear, the Quietus is created – a season of death in which the crops wither, people cannot venture outside and lasts mysteriously longer with each year.

You will be challenged to grow and tend to crops, use ingredients to cook and craft items, and venture into the overworld – visiting different towns, interacting with townsfolk, going fishing and more. You will also be able to choose between different Jobs – such as Fighter, Shadow Walker and Mage – before braving dungeons with your party to discover the world’s origins and the truth behind the calamity along the way.

Harvestella will release at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 4th November 2022.

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