LEVEL-5 and Dentsu team up to form LEVEL-5 Abby


LEVEL-5 and Dentsu have joined forces to form LEVEL-5 Abby, a new multimedia entertainment company based in Santa Monica, California.

It will be responsible for creating, producing and distributing game and animation content to fans of all ages worldwide, with their first project having been helping to plan everything surrounding Yo-kai Watch‘s western launch.

As for the reasoning behind the name, “a” is plucked from “all” and “anything” whereas the “bby” is taken from “hobby.”

Whereas the company’s mission is outlined as being “to bring its universally-themed popular game and animation content from Japan to fans globally, across all platforms and devices. LEVEL-5 Abby makes a strong commitment to maintaining its position on the frontier where the newest technologies and great entertainment intersect.”

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