LEGO The Legend of Zelda loses out to Back to the Future

lego back to the future

You may remember back in May when The Legend of Zelda fan Michael Inglis submitted his concepts for Nintendo’s acclaimed series to be transformed into LEGO.

Having successfully garnered the 10,000 supporter votes that it needed to be placed into the consideration of the LEGO CUUSOO team, they’ve now revealed their decision in their Summer Review.

Unfortunately ,it lost out to a rival LEGO Back to the Future set, meaning that our hopes for re-enacting Link and Ganondorf’s mighty duels in LEGO form are dashed for now.

Heartwarmingly though, the creators of the BTTF set have decided to donate their 1% royalty cut of sales to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which helps to fight Parkinson’s disease.

LEGO CUUSOO’s Tim Courtney shares the news in the video below:

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