LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course Pre-Orders Open

LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course Photo

The LEGO Group and Nintendo have announced that the LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course is now available to pre-order.

This is the “entry point set to the world of LEGO Super Mario,” and is required to unlock the upcoming expansion sets. It has seven action bricks for different interactions with the LEGO Mario figure that are only included in this set.

The figure has LCD screens in his eyes, mouth and belly that are used to display a wide variety of instant reactions to movement, colour and action bricks. It also has a speaker that “plays iconic sounds and music from the video game series.”

Once constructed, the LEGO Mario figure will be used “to collect virtual coins as he runs and jumps from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole via LEGO bricks, cloud platform, and clashes with the Goomba figure and Bowser Jr. figure.”

There will also be a free LEGO Super Mario app that the LEGO Group has created, which will keep track of scores to “encourage continuous rebuilding” as well as providing digital building instructions with zoom and rotate viewing tools.

“Super Mario has continued to appear, always in a form adapted to the current hardware of the time,” explains Takashi Tezuka, executive officer and game producer at Nintendo Co., Ltd.

“I am thankful that in this project with the LEGO Group, Mario is jumping out of the digital world of game consoles and smart devices, and we are able to bring him into the world with a new, physical type of Mario play. It’s very exciting to think of LEGO Mario becoming a real friend to children and to picture them playing in their very own Mario world that they imagined themselves.”

Jonathan Bennink, digital design lead on LEGO Super Mario at the LEGO Group adds: “We were thrilled to see the global reaction to news of LEGO Super Mario.

“Fans have been keen to learn more, so I am pleased that today we were able to reveal more details about this exciting new collaboration that has led to a reimagination of the LEGO building experience and an entirely new way to play inspired by the beloved video game icon, Super Mario. We can’t wait to see fans get creative and challenge each other with this highly engaging and social play experience.”

The LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course will release worldwide on 1st August 2020 priced at £49.99 ($59.99), with pre-orders now open on the official LEGO website.

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