LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Character Collection Release Schedule Outlined

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Mandalorian and The Child Screenshot

Warner Bros. GamesTT GamesThe LEGO Group and Lucasfilm Games have outlined the release schedule for the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Character Collection – a Season Pass that will unlock access to all seven character packs.

At launch, The Mandalorian Season 1 and the Solo: A Star Wars Story Character Packs will be available to those that have bought the Character Collection or as a standalone purchase.

The Mandalorian Season 1 Character Pack will include the Mandalorian and non-playable Grogu, Greef Karga, Cara Dune, IG-11 and Kuiil, whereas the Solo: A Star Wars Story character pack will include young Han Solo, young Chewbacca, young Lando Calrissian, Qi’ra, Tobias Beckett and Enfys Nest.

The Classic Characters and The Trooper Pack will also be available at launch. The Classic Characters Pack will include Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader and Lando Calrissian, and will be available for those who have early access from select retail partners before becoming available to everyone from 19th April 2022.

The Trooper Pack will also be made available in early access for those that pre-order the game’s digital version, before it becomes available to everyone from Star Wars Day – 4th May 2022. It will include the Death Trooper, Incinerator Trooper, Range Trooper, Imperial Shore Trooper and Mimban Stormtrooper.

Also out on 19th April 2022 is the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Character Pack, which will add Jyn Erso, Bodhi Rook, Cassian Andor, K-2SO, Chirrut Îmwe, Baze Malbu and Director Krennic.

On Star Wars Day, The Mandalorian Season 2 and Star Wars: The Bad Batch Character Packs will also be made available. The Mandalorian Season 2 Character Pack will include Ahsoka Tano, Boba Fett, Bo Katan, Fennec Shand and Moff Gideon, whereas the Star Wars: The Bad Batch Character Pack will include Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair and Echo.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will let you experience memorable moments and non-stop action from all nine episodes in the Star Wars saga. Whether starting at the beginning with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the original trilogy with Star Wars: A New Hope, or Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you can expect the movies to be reimagined with LEGO fun and humour.

With the biggest roster of playable characters and vehicles in the LEGO Star Wars series, you can create your own unique journey through the galaxy. You will traverse space using the galaxy map on your holoprojector to chart your course through the saga, unlocking planets to explore as you progress.

You can revisit any planet at any time and in any order that you wish, with the chance to jump to lightspeed in the Millennium Falcon to outrun Imperial starships, battle First Order TIE fighters in Resistance X-wings, or podrace on Tatooine. At each location, you can choose whether to continue with the main story or to explore your location to complete quests and puzzles.

Such exploration will reward you with Kyber bricks, which can be used to unlock new features and upgraded abilities across the game’s many character classes – such as Jedi, Hero, Dark Side, Villain, Scavenger, Scoundrel, Bounty Hunter, Astromech Droid, and Protocol Droid.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will release at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 5th April 2022.

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