LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Red Bricks Guide


While we are steadily compiling LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens cheat codes, players will also be on the hunt for Red Bricks.

As always, these will be easier to collect once you have played through the Story and return to replay levels in Free Play mode. There are 18 to collect, for which we have detailed their locations to help you find them.

All Red Brick Locations In LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Red Brick: Collect Guide Studs
Level: Chapter X: The Finale
Location: This can be discovered by rolling a snowball across a clearing with the Force

Red Brick: Combat Bar Rengen
Level: Trouble Over Taul
Location: This will require a character with Immunity (Cold), and can be found by climbing down a ladder revealed by using a Resistance Terminal

Red Brick: Destroy On Contact
Level: Chapter VI: Attack on Takodana
Location: This will appear above a fallen tower after shooting down TIE Fighters that are soaring in the skies overhead

Red Brick: Fast Build
Level: Chapter I: Assault on Jakku
Location: This will appear on a merchant’s cart after you blast two targets with a stick-figure on them nearby

Red Brick: Fast Interact
Level: Rathtar Hunting
Location: After the flower lift, this can be collected by wandering through the hidden door nearby

Red Brick: Imperial Inaccuracy
Level: Crimson Corsair
Location: This can be collected by assembling Multi-Build bricks on the right-hand side of the energy field

Red Brick: Infinite Torpedoes
Level: Poe to the Rescue
Location: This will appear once you destroy everything in Kylo Ren’s hidden room

Red Brick: Quick Access
Level: Chapter II: Escape from the Finalizer
Location: This can be reached by building a bridge with Multi-Build bricks

Red Brick: Regenerate Hearts
Level: Chapter IX: Destroy Starkiller Base
Location: Activating a First Order terminal will see 15 stormtroopers suddenly attack. Defeat them to collect this Red Brick

Red BricK: Studs x2
Level: Chapter IV: The Eravana
Location: Keep an eye out for a locker that can be opened with a grapple

Red Brick: Studs x4
Level: Chapter VIII: Starkiller Sabotage
Location: This will be in an alcove that you can reach by building a snowman

Red Brick: Studs x6
Level: Chapter V: Takodana Castle
Location: Once you’re in the courtyard, look for a cracked block that this will be behind

Red Brick: Studs x8
Level: Chapter III: Niima Outpost
Location: This can be collected by destroying a silver LEGO container that is placed near Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle

Red Brick: Studs x10
Level: Lor San Tekka’s Return
Location: This will appear once you score three points against a boxing robot

Red Brick: Stud Magnet
Level: The Battle of Endor
Location: This one’s fairly easy to spot. Keep an eye out once you have rescued Wicket

Red Brick: Super Disco Blasters
Level: Ottegan Assault
Location: When the level starts, look for a cracked block nearby which this is will be behind

Red Brick: Super Slap
Level: Chapter VII: The Resistance
Location: As you play through the level, look out for an access hatch that will let you pop into the conveyor belt room where this wil be.

Red Brick: The Funk Awakens
Level: Epilogue: Luke’s Island
Location: This will require dark side Force powers, which must be used to destroy rocks to reveal an access hatch

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