Leaked Blockbuster Wii U list “entirely speculated by the sales team”

A former Blockbuster store manager has debunked a leaked list of Wii U software currently doing the rounds.

Previously believed to be the UK launch line-up for the console’s anticipated release, he explained that most were “wild stabs in the dark” to gain in-store pre-orders.

“I was a Blockbuster store manager until a month ago,” NeoGAF user richisawesome began. “ALL of the Wii U games on the system are ENTIRELY speculated by the sales team, and are there purely as placeholders.

“I even advised the games team on a few of those, including Killer Freaks when I was in Uxbridge with my DM and regional manager.” He later added, “The fact I know that 20 of those titles have been there since July LAST. YEAR. makes me certain it’s speculation.

“For the last time, its not true. A lot of it is wild stabs in the dark to gain £2 on a customers account as a deposit.”

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