Kirby’s Epic Yarn finally receives European release date


After a long wait, Nintendo of Europe have today announced that Kirby’s Epic Yarn is finally set to weave its charm across Europe.

Now confirmed to release on February 25th 2011, a mere four months after the Japanese and North American launch dates, European Wii owners will be able to play through the game and it’s unique art style inspired by a world of fabric and yarn.

Within the environment, near enough everything reflects the inventive textile theme, whether it be grabbing hold of zips or swinging on buttons, Kirby is able to fully explore his surroundings to reveal secret areas and hidden items.

Whilst Kirby himself is made of wool, you are now able to transform into a variety of new forms such as a dolphin, UFO, steam train or even a giant robot. However his infamous sucking attack has now been replaced by a yarn whip that may be utilised to thrash, disarm or even unravel his enemies.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is due to release exclusively for Wii across Europe on February 25th, and is currently available across North America and Japan.

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