Kirby And The Forgotten Land Inhales March Release Date

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Nintendo has confirmed a release date for Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the pink puffball’s new 3D platformer which coming to Nintendo Switch.

After arriving in an unknown land, the powerful and cute hero discovers that the Beast Pack are kidnapping Waddle Dees. Kirby teams up with the curious Flfilin to set out on a journey to rescue his friends, adventuring across vibrant 3D worlds “in which nature and a past civilization have fused.”

Working through each stage, your goal will be to free the Waddle Dees that are held captive at their goal point with players encouraged “to explore every nook and cranny to also rescue as many as possible along the way.”

You will come to rely on Kirby’s iconic copy abilities to defeat the Beast Pack, with new additions including Drill and Ranger. The Drill copy ability “makes it possible to submerge into the ground and attack enemies from below with a massive blow,” whereas the Ranger copy ability will let you hit enemies from a distance.

There’s also the chance to team up with a second player in local multiplayer, who will join you on your adventure as the spear-wielding Bandana Waddle Dee.

Between your adventures, you will return to Waddle Dee Town which acts as the game’s central hub. The town will develop based on the number of Waddle Dees you have rescued, seeing different shops open and presenting the chance to enjoy the townsfolk’s favourite games. You will also be able to help out in the Waddle Dee Café, preparing customers’ orders to keep them satisfied and achieve a high score.

In Waddle Dee Town, Wise Waddle Dee will offer helpful hints about your adventure, and, by connecting online, you will be able to learn more based on global player data – such as the total number of Waddle Dees rescued around the world and the current most popular copy ability.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 25th March 2022.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Trailer

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